Recovery Service

We provide two types of recovery service to select from based on the reason your data needs to be recovered.

Basic Recovery Service

Our basic level of recovery is ideal for recovering accidentally deleted files, formatted hard drives, data read erors or any situation where the hard drive is functional but you can't access your data.  

This service is also ideal for recovering data from a camera's memory card. Don't lose all your vacation pictures because you camera says the card is unreadable. Send us your card and let us recover those lost memories.

Too often clients call us because their computer won't start, is displaying errors reading files or someone accidentally erased a file or worse formatted a drive. 

90% Success Rate at a fraction of the cost. Our technicians can utilize state of the art software to recover your drives data and return it to you in most cases within 36 hours.

How does it work and what type of drives are supported?  Our technicans can analyse your drive, and attempt to recover your data to our server.   Once the technician knows what data is recoverable you will be contacted with the results.

This service is only available on SATA, IDE drives and most memory cards.  No RAID recovery is available with this option.

Keep your cost down by  reusing your drive when possible.  Once we confirm with you that your data is recovered  you have the optoin to authorize us to test your original drive.  If the drive passes all our test we will format the drive and transfer your data back to your original drive.   If your drive shows any signs of damage, fails our test or you would prefer to retain the drive in its original state we will provide you with a compatible drive containing your recovered data at a competitive price.

PRICE OF SERVICES  This recovery service is provided at a fixed cost for the recovery.  In the rare situation where we can't recover the data you have the option to have us transfer the drive to our Enterprise Recovery Service, return it to you or destroy the drive. 

Recovery Service: $100 regardless of the size of your drive.
Replacement Drive: You will recieve a quote based on size and type of drive.
Enterprise Transfer Fee: $25
Unrecoverable Return Fee: $20

What is the Entrprise Transfer and Unrecoverable Return Fees?  

Both of these fees are associated with us not being able to recover your data. If you choose to have us destroy your drive and not return it there is no charge for us attempting to recover your data. In order to provide this service at such a low price we unfortunately have to charge a return fee to cover the cost associated with returning inoperable/damaged drive that don't qualify for this service.

If you choose to elevate your drive recovery to our Enterprise Recovery Service after the Basic Recovery Service fails to retreive your data there is a minimum $25 fee should you decided to not accept the quote for recovering your data using the Enterprise Recovery Service.  

You will only be charged the higher of the Enterprise or Return fee but not both should you use the Enterprise Service and have the drive returned to you unrecovered.

Enterprise Recovery Service

The Enterprise recovery servcie is sutable for any drive showing signs of physical damage, lost RAID configurations, or for priority recovery service.

A professional drive recovery technicians will analize your drive(s) and generate a listing of the files they expect to recover and provide a complete quote of the fees associated with the recovery.  If clean room service is necessary you will be notified in advanced to authorize the extra service.

%100 percent U.S. based customer support and service ensuring your drive will never leave the U.S.

Common problems requiring our Enterpise Solution:

  • Hard drive clicking, beeping, grinding or makes other noises.
  • Hard drive not spinning at all
  • Hard drive was formatted
  • You smelled smoke when you ran power to your hard drive.
  • You are missing some important files.
  • BIOS detects drive as wrong size or model.
  • Can't access drive. Windows prompting "You need to format the disk.."
  • A disgruntled employee maliciously erased critical data.
  • You require a forensic data recovery.
  • You have a RAID-0 or RAID-5 array and require a RAID Data Recovery.