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System Support and Consulting

ezTechDirect has always strived to be a technology leader and utilize technology to better serve our customers. In todays world staying connected to our customers is a simple click away.

Remote Support

For most of our clients the simple to use remote support software we utilize is ideal. For larger client or clients with multiple offices we can offer additional options for allowing remote service.

Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

Many of our clients are small businesses that don't always realize the computer they use to store their accounting system or POS software is a server. These computers need to have some of the same safeguards to protect your data from loss as the high-end servers found in major corporations. We can provide those safeguards for a fraction of what the high-end servers cost.

Corporate Support

For the past 15 years ezTechDirect has helped manage the hardware, software and support for a 45-million-dollar transportation company. We provide the know-how and management for any size project. Should your project require additional services or support we have aligned ourselves with several professional partners to ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget.

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