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What are Supplemental IT Services?

Supplemental IT Services support your business's existing IT staff with a focus on taking some of the load off your existing IT staff by providing support coverage for hours, vacation, satellite facilities and special projects. Suuplement IT Service can be compared to having an additional team of IT professionals that know your business on call.

Using Supplemental IT Services is NOT outsourcing your IT department, but enhancing it with additional staff as needed. ezTechDirect has a very close working relationship with client IT departments that we provide supplemental IT services to. If you feel Supplemental IT Services are right for your company or would like more information, please contact ezTechDirect.

Is Supplemental IT Service Right for My Organization?

Supplemental IT Service works for any size organization whether you're lookin to eliminate a technical or geographical limitation, provide additional support coverage or assist staff with installations. Companies will benefit from Supplemental IT Support services by increasing their IT staff without the overhead of additional permanent staff. By selecting to use ezTechDirect's Supplemental IT Services you will have access to additional technicians that have been trained on your systems and are available when needed.

Common Scenarios Where Supplemental IT Services Can Help:
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