Custom System Sales

When you purchase an ezTechDirect custom built computer system you are getting quality & performance that can't be matched by mass-produced systems. We custom select all of the components for your system to create a product that will deliver top performance within your budget.

Whether you are looking for a powerful workstation, small business management system, multimedia center, personal cloud server, or superior gaming system, you can count on ezTechDirect to deliver exactly what you need.

System Virus & Spyware Removal

  • What is a Computer Virus?

    A computer virus is a software program that can replicate itself & spread from one computer to another without your knowledge. They are designed to cause a range of damage - from minimal to complete data loss.

  • What is Malware?

    Malware is a term often used when describing viruses. They are software programs that have malicious intent.

  • What is Spyware?

    Spyware is software that can gather data, such as your personal information, without your knowledge. If you access your bank & credit card accounts online, it can collect your account information as well as track user logins & can even change your computer settings.

Let us keep your system protected!

We provide services that will remove viruses, spyware, & other potential threats from your PC, as well as allow for better overall system performance. We give you peace of mind that your personal information and data are protected at all times.


100% success rate

New variants caught

Latest antivirus technology


0 security risks

Popups and spyware

Speed up your computer

Main Types



System Monitors



of Mind

Professional service

No loss of data

Avoid identity theft

Responsive timeframe

Respect your privacy

Backup & Recovery Services

Complete data safety assurance - Protecting your critical data has never been easier! Our automated cloud backup & recovery services will boost your productivity & reduce, if not eliminate entirely, time spent recovering lost data.

Most businesses collect, retain, & transmit data on a daily basis that is critical to the success of their organizations. The threat of data theft, hardware failure, or natural disasters can result in a hard hit to a business’s bottom line, costing days of downtime, thousands of dollars, & irreversible damage to a business’s reputation. Let us help protect all of your data!

Start Backing Up Today

  • Easy Installation

    Get started quickly. Within moments, we'll have your files backing up. For large files that need to be backed up, we arrange a one-time-upload from an external drive directly into your backup account, saving upload time & ensuring your files are protected.

  • Automatic Backups

    Schedule your backups when you want, as frequently as you want. Redundant data centers on both coasts & in Canada provide you with data protection and scalability. Data is stored in 3 SSAE 16 Type 2 compliant datacenters, each with biometric security & surveillance.

  • Military-Grade Encryption

    Put safety first. Every file you back up will be encrypted locally using 256-bit AES encryption & an available private encryption key. ezTechDirect employs SSL technology when sending your data over the Internet, adding a second level of security on open networks.

It's simple to get started. Request an account and we will configure it & send you the instructions for installing the backup service on one or more computers.

Need more help? If you are in the Harrisburg area & would like either onsite or remote support configuring your backup, we will be happy to help. Ask for details when ordering your account.

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System Data Recovery

Accidentally delete a file? Camera memory card unreadable? Computer won't start? Data read errors? Formatted a hard drive?

Our professional recovery service can solve all of these issues & more at a 97% success rate & at a fraction of the cost of industry prices.

Our professional drive recovery technicans will analyze your drive(s) & generate a listing of the files they expect to recover. We then provide a complete quote of the fees associated with the recovery. If clean room service is necessary, you will be notified in advance to authorize the extra service.

Computer Networking & Consulting

Stay connected with ezTechDirect

In today's world, we don't always realize how dependent we are on the internet until our access is interrupted. Letting ezTechDirect setup & maintain your network is the best way to ensure the best connection & to reduce the risk of losing your connection when you most need it. We can provide any size networking needed - from home wireless routers to full office coverage with wired & wireless access points.

Wireless Networks

Setup & Configuration

Mobile Device Access

Location Coverage

Wired Networks

Hardware Sales

Wire Installation

Setup & Maintenance

Streaming Media

Access Point Setup

Multiple TV Support

Media Center PCs


Bandwidth Analysis

Server Provider Issues

Domain/DNS Support

Understanding Wireless Networking

  • Make Sure Your PCs Are Wireless

    Most laptops have built-in wireless networking connections. If yours doesn't, we can install a wireless network adapter card, which is typically inexpensive and easy to use.

  • Pay Attention To Location

    The signal generated from each wireless access point or router extends up to 300 feet. Walls, metal, and floors can negatively affect range. The wireless signal's strength weakens the farther it has to travel. For the best results, we space out your access points and position them in central areas.

  • Secure Your Network

    Security is vital to wireless networking. Some security methods to consider for your network include: data encryption, user authentication, control systems, and secure access for visitors and guests.

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