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Have you ever tried to add a hard drive to an online computer purchase from one of the big boys in the industry? Go to any of their sites and see what they will charge you. We only use name brand parts and don't charge you twice the cost just because we are installing it for you. When it comes to system upgrades we are not a hardware reseller but a service company and that is what you pay for, our service.

Keep your system running at peak performance with a professional repair or overdue upgrade.

Our technical staff will quickly evaluate your system, offer repair and upgrade options and provide a quote for all parts and labor. We offer onsite service to the Harrisburg East & West Shores and by taking advantage of our PC Revitalization program you will save some money in the process.

Repair Services

Spyware & Virus Removal

Hard Drive Recovery

MS Windows Troubleshooting

Failed Hardware

Hardware Sales

Printers & Fax Installation

Video Conferencing

System Rack Management

Custom Computers


Secure Wireless Networks

Troubleshoot Connectivity

File & Printer Sharing

Setup Remote Access

Hardware Upgrade

Computer & Printer Memory

Larger Hard Drive

Accelerate Gaming

Expand Network Capabilities

Our support staff will analyze your situation and provide clear steps that need to be taken to resolve your concerns. Whether you have chosen to have us remotely resolve a configuration issue, walk you through the process of correcting your problem or need onsite service we will make sure that the problem is resolved before we are done.

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